Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Financial Planning Services | South Western Wealth Management

We work with clients in many areas of Financial Planning and Wealth Management. Our focus includes the following:

  • Yearly goal tracking for major expense planning – college, significant purchases, business planning
  • Ongoing asset and investment management
  • Performance based investment models 
  • Cash flow planning and savings plans 
  • Regular tax planning 
  • Periodic reviews of your estate plan and beneficiary designations
  • Annual updating of insurance needs, including assistance with “shopping” for coverage*services offered through swfn LINK


Legacy Implementation 

Heirs and your legacy

The accumulation of wealth is an intricate process that develops over time through generations, it truly “takes a village”. In order to maintain wealth in your family, and through generations it is imperative to teach your heirs how money is created, saved, and preserved. 

Today there is more emphasis on the material world than ever before. Many are concerned with how their loved ones will use the assets they inherit. Many who come into large sums of money are unaware of the opportunities and risks wealth has to offer. Ultimately, what is meant to serve as a tool to live a full live, can be used to indulge in the here and now-with no regard to future events/planning. 

At SWWM we understand it is critical to carry out our clients plans and legacy. We prepare your heirs to act as responsible high-net worth individuals, by teaching them valuable lessons often not taught in schools, or universities. 

The Heirs Program    Financial Planning Questionnaire