The Financial Planning Process

Discovery call

Financial Wealth Planning Process  | South Western Wealth Management

During this meeting our focus is to discover your vision as it relates to the personal and global goals you strive to reach. 

We identify behaviors and thought patterns that are responsible for your current success, and unroot the limiting ‘money stories’ that keep you stagnant.

Our approach is uniquely tailored to each clients life experience, we firmly believe success comes to those who possess self-awareness, and the drive to improve themselves.

Data Collection

Financial Wealth Planning Process  | South Western Wealth Management

During our second meeting we focus on gathering the data that will provide visibility into your current financial world.

Depending on your goals we may ask for the following information: bank statements, client questionnaire; financial team (tax planner, mortgage broker, realtor, estate planning lawyer, insurance agent, charities, PA, etc).

Recommendations and Financial Planning

Financial Wealth Planning Process  | South Western Wealth Management

After careful review and consideration of your financial profile and goals, we deliver a professional, proven strategy to assist you in arriving at your desired destination

 Whether you are starting a family, business, or retirement plan, we provide the tools and guidance necessary for you to live confidently, knowing your vision is on its way to becoming reality. 

Prepare for the Meeting

Financial Wealth Planning Process  | South Western Wealth Management

Some of the meetings may include:

  • Cash Flow Planning: Create awareness of personal weekly/monthly cash flow. Create structure with spending and saving habits to support your long term priorities. Our aim to enhance your confidence on your journey toward maintaining and accumulating wealth.
  • Risk Planning: Develop a plan for unexpected life events such as disability, death, or caring for elderly family members. Clarify how much cash is needed for emergencies such as medical expenses, long term care, or unemployment. 
  • Estate Planning: Implement estate documents in conjunction with your estate planning lawyer for your: will, power of attorney, beneficiaries, directives and trusts. This ensures financial confidence for yourself and your loved ones as you age, and depart the physical form. 
  • Charitable Giving: We recognize that giving back is essential to the human experience, all people want to feel they make an impact on the world in some way. We explore whether annual giving, capital contributions, donor advised funds or a family foundation could increase your impact. We want to commend your generosity, while also ensuring your charitable approach is practical in relation to annual tax planning.

Ongoing support

Financial Wealth Planning Process  | South Western Wealth Management

We never stop working, we've always got your back!

We understand that financial decisions are imperative to a healthy mindset and a meaningful life.

We value our clients trust and engagement, whether its your business, retirement, savings plan, or a way to make money for that dream home, we are always a phone call or email away!